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I attended my first premature birth a couple weeks back. This birth just so happen to be the twentieth birth I attended. Which was a momentious mark for me, but mom wasn’t suppose to deliver until late June. She was only 28 weeks gestation. However, her body had different plans. It’s amazing how God can turn what could have been a really bad situation into a really remarkable miracle.

The very day we chose to meet together for her childbirth class was the day her body went into labor (or protective mode in my mind). I was able to be with mom from the beginning, and not ten minutes before I could make my arrival to their home she started having symptoms of early labor. Hoping that it was nothing serious just caused from a day of vigorious activities and with approval from her careprovider (whom the father contacted) they followed orders to rest and relax, and watch for any additional symptoms.

 I stayed offering reassurance and comfort which was appreciated for a couple hours before trekking my way back home. The symptoms that she was having stopped so I also wanted to allow them more of an opportunity to rest, but everything reoccured shortly after my departure. I recieved a call 45 minutes later saying her symptoms changed and they called their careprovider back who told them to head directly to the nearest hospital. Which was five minutes from their home. I rushed full force (angels surrounding me I’m sure) back to where they were located… Richardson Regional Medical Center.

After a tumultous task of trying to stop contractions with little luck… (and being told we were the ONLY laboring patients in the hospital…which meant all hands were on board, praise God!) She was checked by the on-call doctor and was almost completely dialated. Everything looked fine with the baby, heart tones etc. but moms body knew something was going on, and needed to deliver. After giving mom time to process everything; their daughter was born a strong  3 lbs, 4oz after finding a detached clot (or placental abruption) that the doctor examined as a fluke of nature.  Their daughter did not require even a breathing tube!

Although this is not with this family anticipated. It could not have fallen together more graciously. God’s delivering hands are mighty, I do not think these circumstance were mearly coincidental and I’m glad I was able to be their for them during this time.

Plecental abruption is pretty rare. It occurs in every 1-100 births, with varying(sometimes self induced) causes. This mom was completely low risk and deemed healthy but hormones were released in her body to protect her unborn daughter during that time; serving them both well. I’m glad I was able to serve this family during this time too, so many things to be thankful for.  She did not need require a c-section which I’ve been told by other seasoned doulas/midwives that was a mirical in and of itself.

Mom and dad are doing well, their daughter is very strong but is still being monitored in the NICU.


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Brooke’s Birth.

I haven’t posted in a couple months and thought I would do some catching up. 

Brooke delivered at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas along with her husband Jason. This first time momma stayed strong throughout her long labor, and if you can tell by the monitor in this picture she was having contractions every couple of minutes. Way to go momma! 🙂


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