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Active LaborJulia’s birth was similar to my own, in that she was walking around at 4-5 centimeters without going into labor. She went to her normal doctor’s appointment and with a little high blood pressure they decided to admit her and gave her a jump start on pitocin. Her baby was a little OP (posterior) so after a maneuver on the hospital bed, called the Texas Roll, her baby settled down as contractions speed up. At one point she contemplated pain medication…. but with a little encouragement and working with the double hip squeeze, and the birth ball; she was able to go to complete 3 1/2 hours after admittance. She utilized the squatting bar to also assistance in pushing out her sweet little girl. Shortly after the delivery Julia said that she was shocked that she was able to do it completely naturally.  I was able to take a couple photos for them moments after the birth. (the one directly to the right is their first kiss together after becoming parents for the first time. James, the father,  was also able to cut the cord while they administered the babies APGAR scores. Julia and her daughter Evelyn were perfectly healthy. I was happy to be able to assist this nurse deliver her baby girl in the hospital that she works for.


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Slowed down on blogging. Need to catch myself up! Help hold me accountable people. ahhhh okay,  :0) I had the privilage to attend the birth of my biggest baby yet June this year. 9lbs 12oz. Mom did an awesome job. – And although this wasn’t necessarily my client I was able to learn a few things as far being in the presence of someone’s birth space to whom you’ve hardly known, without building some kind of relationship with them before. Such an intimate time, both mom and dad were pleased with their birth; as well as I.

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