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I am: a 26 year old crunchy modern momma - I gave birth to my son at home 4 years ago in down town Dallas. I'm such a better person for having him through life's journeys. My Passion: Everything Pregnancy and Birth - I'm a professional Doula (birthing coach) having served multiple families throughout the Dallas metroplex area. I'm so blessed to witness such an intimate moment in people's lifes. God has blessed me beyond measure. My Mission: Create Awareness - Not only to my community, but to all mommas-to-be and their families about informed consent, advocacy, and empowerment. My Hobbies: Include - Staying up late, trying different herbal remedies, watching classic television, reading medical journals, eating fresh foods, browsing around health food stores, trying different cuisines... I've actually just started picking up on cooking Indian food. Talk about YUM!

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